JCS Technologies offers a range of fibre solutions for high speed datacomms in data centres, storage area networks (SAN’s), building backbones and Telco. Time-and space-saving solutions include high density MTP cassette systems and factory polished pre-terminated cable assemblies. JCS MTP® assemblies are terminated locally using high-end NTT-AT technology by highly proficient US Conec trained staff using exclusively US Conec MTP® and high performance MTP Elite® connectors.

MTP Systems

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Pre Terminated Cables

Pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies are ideal where field termination is impracticable or in time-critical situations, and have become the preferred solution in Data Center applications

JCS pre-terminated cables can be manufactured to any specified length using a wide range of fibre core counts, indoor and outdoor cable, and connector types.

JCS MTP Systems

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Fibre Optic Pre-terminated Cables

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We have years of experience meeting the special cabling needs of Government, Defence and Education.

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