Reliable communications and tracking systems are also essential to mining safety, enabling operators to locate and communicate with mine workers at all times - particularly in emergencies.

Figure-8 Messenger Cable

Figure-8 Messenger cables are ideal for outdoor aerial installations along utility poles for backbone applications without the need for cable lashing or grounding. The lightweight cable has a wide operating temperature range and is designed for excellent UV and weather resistance.

G-Series CST Armored Cables

G-Series Subgrouping armored cables are ideal for installations requiring an extremely rugged cable design with maximum mechanical and environmental protection, and is the easiest cable to install when routing to multiple locations.

MSHA-rated Subgrouping Cables

MSHA-rated Subgrouping cables are designed to allow subcables to be routed to multiple locations. Helically stranded, Core-Locked outer jacket surrounds the subcables for superior crush resistance and survivability. Ideal separation and identification of single-mode and multimode fibres in a single cable.

MSHA-rated Breakout Cables

MSHA-rated Breakout cables feature a rugged cable design with individual subcables for optimum fibre protection. Helically stranded, core-locked and UV/ fungus resistant cables offer superior environmental and mechanical protection. Cables are MSHA approved.

Connectors Range

Junior Expanded Beam Connector

“Junior” 2 or 4 channel ruggedized MM/SM fibreoptic expanded beam connectors are ideal for demanding industrial / field applications thanks to end face contamination immunity and ease of maintenance. A compact fully sealed hermaphroditic connector design with aluminium or stainless steel shell.

EZ-MATE Connector

The EZ-MATE family of hermaphroditic-style fibre optic connectors provides a comprehensive connectivity solution for deployable or mobilised communications systems. Based on a hermaphroditic design, EZ-MATE connectors allow for quick deployment and gender-independent connectivity, permitting the end user to unreel fibre cable without regard for male or female ends.

L-JACK® Connector

L-JACK™ is a robust IP-68 rated fibre optic MM/SM/APC duplex LC connector combining the compact LC form factor with a highly rugged threaded metal housing. L-JACK is ideal for installations in extreme fixed and mobile industrial environments.

MHC® II Connector

The compact yet highly rugged IP-68 rated MHC® II connector suits industrial and harsh environments. With 2, 4, 6 and 8 fibre channel as well as fibre optic/electro hybrid configurations, it enables genderless mating through a lockable bayonet-style interface.

MARS Deployable Reels (AFO/ACR)

MARS: the most advanced fibre optic reeling system available in today’s market! Widely deployed in industrial, broadcast and defence applications, the MARS system incorporates many features unique to tactical fibre optic cable, not afforded by metal style reels.

  • High-strength, lightweight polymer construction
  • Modular, stackable design
  • Multiple tripod and A frame options
  • Optional integral cleaning kit
  • Flip-out rewind handle
  • Optional built-in divider
  • In-hub connector storage

Industry & Mining

Fibre Optic Connection Systems

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