OCC 2C OM3 Tight Buff Bt Tac Broadcast Bk (Oc-0008055)

OCC 2C OM3 Tight Buff Bt Tac Broadcast Bk (Oc-0008055)

Brand: OCC

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OCC D-Series Deployable tactical cable is ideal for use in harsh environments where deployment and retrieval for reuse are required.

Small and lightweight, yet durable and resistant to cuts and abrasions, these cables are designed to be easy to use, yet are extremely rugged.

  • Extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, survivable tight-buffered cables are designed for broadcast field use and commercial applications
  • Suitable for industrial, mining and petrochemical environments
chemical resistant;
  • Compact, round cable design for ease of transportation and deployment
  • Core-locked jacket for improved mechanical performance
  • Designed for use in adverse environments where reduced size and weight are important
  • Cables have been tested and are in use in broadcast data communications applications worldwide
  • Can be used outdoors for temporary deployment directly on the ground in all terrains, including severe environments
  • Crush resistant and resilient with a thick layer of aramid strength members
  • Polyurethane jacketed for abrasion, cut and chemical resistance
  • Tactical Polyurethane (C) outer jacket materials